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Nvidia says its ‘proprietary information’ is being leaked by hackers

A ransomware group paid the price for backing Russia

Nvidia confirms it’s investigating an ‘incident,’ reportedly a cyberattack

Ukraine internet outages spark concerns of broader blackout

Outage reports have centered around Kharkiv, the second-largest city

Twitter accounts sharing video from Ukraine are being suspended when they’re needed most

Twitter says the accounts were removed in error

Asustor network storage devices are being hit by a nasty ransomware attack

$1.7 million in NFTs stolen in apparent phishing attack on OpenSea users

Romance scammers collected $139 million in crypto last year

Russian hackers have obtained sensitive defense information technology by targeting US contractors, according to CISA

Ukrainian defense ministry hit by DDoS during tense standoff with Russia

OpenSea launches verified customer support to fight Discord scammers

Funding site linked to Canadian trucker protest hacked, donor info leaked online

Cringe rapper slash Forbes contributor allegedly found with billions in stolen Bitcoin

The DOJ seized $3.6 billion and arrested a husband and wife

Google account hacks dropped by half after pushing two-step authentication by default

CoinDesk fixes a CMS leak that may have been used for crypto insider trading

Microsoft to block Office VBA macros by default

The cost of ripping and replacing Chinese cellular equipment has ballooned by billions

OpenSea launches new contract-clearing system to protect against recent bug

DHS creates Cyber Safety Review Board, targets Log4j exploit for its first report

Wall Street Journal owner News Corp suffers cyberattack by hackers linked to China

Wormhole cryptocurrency platform hacked for $325 million after error on GitHub

The FBI reportedly confirms it tested NSO’s spyware

FCC proposal would help combat ‘ringless voicemail’ robocalls

LogMeIn rebrands as GoTo, still plans to spin off LastPass

The IRS is reportedly looking for alternatives amid privacy concerns

Hackers have stolen $80 million in cryptocurrency from the Qubit DeFi platform

DeepDotWeb operator sentenced to eight years for money laundering

Thousands of TracFone users saw their numbers ported to other carriers without their consent

White House instructs government agencies to beef up cybersecurity, adopt ‘zero trust’ in new memo

NSO chairman steps down after domestic spying allegations in Israel

Cracking a $2 million crypto wallet

First, he forgot his PIN — then he started looking for hackers

Dark Souls 3 exploit could let hackers take control of your entire computer