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The Verge’s gaming section brings the latest video game news, reviews of the most exciting releases, and interviews with the industry’s biggest names. We cover everything from PlayStation and Xbox blockbusters, to quirky Nintendo games, to the cool indie gems on PC and Android that you might otherwise miss.

Epic Games is acquiring music platform Bandcamp

EA is removing Russian teams from its FIFA and NHL games

Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7 are getting free next-gen updates later this year

The Nintendo Switch Lite is $10 off at Woot today

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The best entertainment of 2022

Everything to play and watch this year

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Everything to play and watch this year

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There’s still nothing quite like Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 7 returns to the series’ roots

Netflix acquires another developer to build ‘world class games’

Valve says the Steam Deck’s ‘stick drift’ was a bug and it’s already shipped a fix

Bungie rejects Steam Deck’s Linux, threatens to ban Destiny 2 players there

You can now play Valve’s free 30-minute Portal spinoff, even if you don’t have a Steam Deck

Turtle Beach’s new wireless headset works on PlayStation, Xbox, and more

Sony’s 2021 Bravia XR TVs are finally getting a promised VRR software update

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a free visual novel, and you can play it right now

Cooking at the end of the world in Final Fantasy XIV

How Endwalker explores the relationship between video game food and tech culture

Microsoft’s Xbox app now lets you install PC games to any folder

Microsoft Flight Simulator can now run on Xbox One thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Amazon Luna launches for anyone in the US

Watch Valve’s Gabe Newell deliver Steam Decks to mostly confused customers

‘I signed it, I hope that’s ok’

GTA Trilogy just got a big performance update across all platforms

This stream has:

Elden Ring: all of the updates about FromSoftware’s open-world hit

Forza Horizon 5’s sign language support arrives on March 1st

PlayStation’s Twisted Metal series will be a comedy on Peacock

The Steam Controller’s troubled trackpads made for a better Steam Deck

Elden Ring’s world is full of mystery, but I’d rather wait for a guide

The Xbox Series X is available at Walmart right now (update: sold out)

I’m obsessed with a stick in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen