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The Microsoft hub brings you all the latest Microsoft news on Windows 10, Office 365, Surface hardware, and Microsoft's iOS and Android apps like Outlook, Skype, Office, and many more.

Microsoft’s Xbox app now lets you install PC games to any folder

Microsoft Flight Simulator can now run on Xbox One thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft’s Surface Headphones 2 have dropped to their lowest price in months

The Xbox Series S is $249.99 for the first time

Valve ‘more than happy’ to help Microsoft bring PC Game Pass to Steam

The ball is well and truly in Microsoft’s court

Microsoft tests new Quick Settings Bluetooth device list for Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft announces a new tablet-friendly taskbar for Windows 11

PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are available at 12PM ET today for Walmart Plus subscribers (update: sold out)

Twitch streaming returns to the Xbox dashboard in a new update

Microsoft is testing a Windows 11 desktop watermark for unsupported hardware

Read exactly how Microsoft’s $68.7 billion deal for Activision Blizzard came together

Skype users in the US can now make 911 calls from their computers

Windows 11 Pro will soon require a Microsoft Account

This Surface Pro 8 bundle is $240 off at Best Buy

Google and Mozilla are ready for Chrome and Firefox version 100 to break some websites

Windows 11 is getting the Xbox HDR calibration app and better windowed gaming

Microsoft to remove AltspaceVR social hubs and tighten up safety and moderation

The Halo TV show is already renewed for a second season

Season 1 comes out in March

Windows 11’s first big update arrives with Android apps, taskbar changes, and more

Microsoft Teams now has new 3D emoji

Microsoft will fully reopen its headquarters at the end of February

Apparently, people do use Bing

At least according to Vergecast listeners

Vergecast: Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Unpacked event, Microsoft’s open app store rules, and Peloton’s layoffs

Windows 11’s big February update finally brings back the time and date on multiple monitors

Microsoft offers 60 percent discount to Google ‘legacy’ G Suite customers

Microsoft is keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation because it wants more Minecrafts

Microsoft’s gaming strategy is getting interesting

Microsoft announces open app store rules to prove it’s okay with new laws

Microsoft hints it will open up Xbox store, changing its entire business model

Microsoft says it will keep Call of Duty on PlayStation ‘beyond the existing agreement’

The best noise-canceling headphone deals

Microsoft to block Office VBA macros by default

A default change to help improve security

Microsoft starts testing secret Windows 11 features like wallpaper stickers and tablet mode

Microsoft claims HoloLens is ‘doing great’ after reports version 3 was canceled

A number of HoloLens employees have departed recently

Google highlights repairable Chromebooks for education as it battles cheap Windows laptops

Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle is fixed, again, maybe

Microsoft to test new experimental Windows 11 features

Dell XPS 17 review: big screen dream

Master of the multitask

Microsoft’s take on task management is available for a test run

Big Tech drove record clean energy purchases in 2021