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As gadgets and services get smarter, they need more data, and face the hard problem of keeping it safe. Data privacy has become a huge problem for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and any company using artificial intelligence to power its services — and a major sticking point for lawmakers looking to regulate. Here's all the news on data privacy and how it's changing tech.

Biden demands Congress protect kids online in State of the Union address

AirTags are dangerous — here’s how Apple could fix them

Accuracy doesn’t have to trump safety

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How to take advantage of Android 12’s new privacy options

Proctorio subpoenas digital rights group in legal spat with critical student

The IRS will use in the future, but for this tax season, video interviews are here to stay

This journalist’s scare is a reminder that cloud transcription isn’t completely private

With Android privacy sandbox, Google wants to ditch ad tracking but keep the ads

Meta’s Facebook to pay $90 million to settle decade-old privacy lawsuit

Feds are still using to scan your face — and human reviewers can’t keep up

Lawmakers call on feds to drop Clearview AI facial recognition contracts

How to delete your Instagram account

IRS will end use of facial recognition after widespread privacy concerns

FBI used geofence warrant in Seattle after BLM protest attack, new documents show

Firefox’s anti-tracking feature adds per-account VPN for more privacy

The IRS is reportedly looking for alternatives amid privacy concerns

Life360 is getting out of the business of selling precise user location data

Messenger’s end-to-end encrypted chats and calls are available to everyone

Twitter received fewer information requests from government agencies in the first half of 2021 — but complied with more

Google abandons FLoC, introduces Topics API to replace tracking cookies

Facebook is giving you homework to learn about its privacy settings

LastPass says no passwords were compromised following breach scare

New analysis further links Pegasus spyware to Jamal Khashoggi murder

DuckDuckGo is working on a privacy-focused desktop browser

Verizon tries to defend collecting browsing data on its network

French regulator tells Clearview AI to delete its facial recognition data

Apple scrubs controversial CSAM detection feature from webpage but says plans haven’t changed

Leaked documents link Huawei to China’s domestic spying in Xinjiang

How to keep some of your Twitter data away from advertisers

WhatsApp will hide your ‘last seen’ status from strangers by default

Apple’s app tracking transparency feature isn’t an instant privacy button

Life360 makes millions selling location data, and it’s about to buy Tile

Utility companies will no longer share data with ICE — but many loopholes remain