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Accessory Reviews

Picking up a few accessories helps your tech feel more like your own and can help it last longer, too. While slapping a phone case on your new smartphone might feel like an offense, you’ll probably be happy you did it. And as more smartphones adopt wireless charging, and ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of proprietary Lightning or USB-C adapters, we’ve committed to finding the best accessories to make your life easier with these changes.

CalDigit’s TS4 is the new king of Thunderbolt docks

Xbox Stereo Headset review: wired and worth it

The Asus ROG Strix Flare II Animate: feature-packed, but overpriced

An expensive hot-swappable gaming keyboard that features a dot matrix LED panel

Drop Mythic Journey review: a sturdy keyboard that can’t quite justify its price

A solid keyboard, but not quite $349 solid

Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen) review: nice but not a must-have

Fast wireless charging speeds and a few extras

Keychron Q2 review: a great keyboard, now more compact

This graphene battery pack charges incredibly fast 

Wooting Two HE review: an analog keyboard in a digital world

Logitech’s cutesy Pop Keys keyboard is annoyingly form over function

For the aesthetic

Brydge’s 11-inch Max Plus iPad keyboard is now available

Epomaker AK84S review: a great wireless keyboard, plus some quirks

The fan-equipped Zephyr Pro gaming mouse is much cooler than the original

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack review: convenience over capacity

Perfectly designed for the iPhone, but not a lot of charge

ZSA’s Moonlander Mark I is the ultimate customizable ergonomic keyboard

The search is over: smart trackers from Apple, Samsung, and Tile compared

It’s never been easier to keep track of your keys

Nacon RIG Pro Compact review: compact with caveats

The 12.9 Max Plus is Brydge’s best iPad keyboard yet

Azio Izo wireless mechanical keyboard review: form over function

MagSafe PopSockets are here: we tested to see if they stick

Moment’s accessory mounts are the best use for the iPhone’s MagSafe yet

Six months later, there still isn’t a MagSafe car charger

The Kensington StudioDock turns your iPad into a tiny iMac

"What’s a computer?"

Bose Sleepbuds II review: get your eight hours

Roli Lumi review: a portable keyboard that lights the way for first-time musicians

The Freewrite Traveler is a retro word processor that’s fatally ahead of its time

The best snowboarding gadgets for 2020

Here’s the gear that can help you ride the snow

The Zendure SuperTank Pro is a great travel charger for optimists

Nomad Base Station Pro review: wireless charging’s imperfect future

Brydge’s latest keyboards turn a Surface Pro or Go into a standard laptop

Microsoft Flight Simulator is even better with this Airbus flight stick

Xiaomi’s new gaming monitor is a surprisingly good 34-inch ultrawide

Logitech’s new G923 racing wheel comes with an advanced force feedback system

You can now feel the engine rumbling under your fingers