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Cars are the technology of the future. The Verge brings you new car reviews, auto show insights, deeply reported investigations, and news from the frontlines of autonomous and electric vehicle development. We bring you updates from major companies like Ford, GM, Mercedes, and VW as well as digital upstarts like Uber, Google, and Tesla. Cars are among the biggest computers that we’ll ever own, and we know computers. We also bring you news and analyses from the growing effort to reduce the number of cars crowding our cities and the fight to reduce oil consumption, cut CO2 emissions, and shift to more sustainable sources of energy.

Rivian has altered the deal, and now its EVs will cost buyers up to $20K more

Ford’s ‘radical’ move to split the company won’t come easy

Ford sells electric scooter unit Spin to Berlin’s Tier

The Polestar O2 is a sleek electric roadster with an integrated drone for aerial filming

Ford splits electric cars from gas to operate at ‘startup speed’

GM is selling its stake in embattled EV startup Lordstown Motors

Jeep’s first electric SUV is coming in 2023

Lucid Motors says it expects to make fewer EVs in 2022 than it originally planned

Toyota shuts down its Japanese factories after reported cyberattack

Faraday Future made an actual car

USPS rejects Biden’s plea to buy more electric mail trucks

Waymo wins bid to keep some of its robotaxi safety details secret

GM shuts downs Marketplace, the app that let you buy gas and coffee from your car’s screen

Audi is bringing 5G connectivity to its vehicles in 2024

Spotify’s Car Thing goes on general sale for $90

EV batteries could complicate recovery of burning cargo ship with thousands of cars

1,000 Porsches are burning aboard this abandoned cargo ship

Smart adaptive headlights are finally coming to the US

Tesla sued over Model 3 suspension failure that allegedly caused a deadly crash

Ford Mustang Mach-E usurps Tesla Model 3 as Consumer Reports top EV pick of the year

Tesla’s ‘phantom braking’ problem is now being investigated by the US government

Uber and Lyft are taking on healthcare, and drivers are just along for the ride

The Hummer EV’s battery weighs more than a Honda Civic

Ford makes it easier to 3D-print your own accessories for the Maverick

Jaguar Land Rover says all of its cars will come with Nvidia’s Drive computers by 2025

Mercedes-Benz announces high-performance AMG version of its EQE electric sedan

EV ads dominated the Super Bowl, but don’t expect to buy one anytime soon

Uber and Lyft are finally starting to look like different companies

The Canadian anti-vaccine mandate protests are causing automakers to cut production

Ford’s mobile app update hints at new driverless parking features

Fewer robot cars are driving more miles in California

Tesla recalling ‘Boombox’ feature that obscures pedestrian warning noise