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Microsoft Flight Simulator can now run on Xbox One thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Amazon Luna launches for anyone in the US

Watch Valve’s Gabe Newell deliver Steam Decks to mostly confused customers

GTA Trilogy just got a big performance update across all platforms

Netflix says it will not stream Russian propaganda channels

Misinformation dissemination

This stream has:

Elden Ring: all of the updates about FromSoftware’s open-world hit

Forza Horizon 5’s sign language support arrives on March 1st

PlayStation’s Twisted Metal series will be a comedy on Peacock

The Steam Controller’s troubled trackpads made for a better Steam Deck

Elden Ring’s world is full of mystery, but I’d rather wait for a guide

The Xbox Series X is available at Walmart right now (update: sold out)

The Batman is young, dumb, and full of soft-spoken ennui

The Batman franchise has seen better days

I’m obsessed with a stick in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen